Now complete the definitions (1-8) with the words from the text.

vision gadget frame to include display to supply to contain vinyl
To provide someone with something.
A border of wood or metal that goes around the outside of a door, picture, window, etc.
To have something inside.
A small device, tool or machine that has a particular but usually unimportant purpose.
To have as one part of something.
Ability to see; a picture in your imagination; your own point of view on a problem.
A strong but soft kind of plastic that is bent easily and is used to cover walls, floors, furniture, books, etc.
A synonym to the words ‘screen’, ‘monitor’.

8. Match the following words:

cup a game information frame display supplied device included vision gadget the world for people

a perfect around
a useful batteries
metal not
to deflect suction
helpful be perfect
LCD to enjoy

Make a list of 5 gadgets that you use. How useful are they? Put them in order (1 – the most useful; 5 – the least useful). Try to explain your choice to the others.

10. Think of a gadget that you often use. Don’t name it. Describe it to your classmates. Try to answer the following questions:

- Where is it used?

- Who uses it?

- What is it used for?

- Why is it useful?

- What is it made from?

- What powers the gadget?

- How much does it cost? Etc.

Can they guess the gadget?

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 18, pg.20, ex.6, 7)